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Automate 80% Your Customer
Support with Jaweb

Your 24/7 AI-Powered Customer Service Co-pilot Platform

Maximize growth with delightful customer experiences Powered by GPT-4

AI Chatbots, Your Digital Allies in Reshaping User Experiences! and see how AI chatbots inspire business growth.
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Reduction in issue resolution time
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Boost in customer engagement.

Jaweb AI: AI-Powered support agents

Unveiling Next-Level Features for Smarter Interactions

Quick Setup and Integration

You can easily set up and integrate the AI chatbot with your business systems. A user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free implementation, allowing you to swiftly start engaging with customers.

Customer Interaction Analytics

Gain insights into customer interactions with analytics that are easy to understand. Track usage patterns, FAQs and customer satisfaction to refine your AI customer support bot's responses and enhance the overall user experience.​ The same applies when tracking the performance of your Customer service chatbot.

Seamless Channel Integration

Unified brand experience. From Shopify to e-commerce sites, AI Chatbot ensures consistent engagement across platforms.

Self-learning AI

AI magic that evolves: The self-service chatbot learns and grows with each interaction, delivering smarter responses for an ever-improving user experience. Equally, the AI support chatbot also enhances its knowledge with each user interaction.

Enhanced CX capabilities

Elevate support with Jaweb's Conversational AI, Ticket AI, and Agent-Assist. Natural conversations, seamless issue resolution, and empowered support teams - experience the power firsthand.

24/7 instant self-serve

Jaweb doesn't sleep, and neither should your customer support. With our 24/7 end-to-end support, your customers are always in good hands. No more missed queries or opportunities.
– Jaweb is there for you, day and night.

Jaweb AI: AI-Powered support agents

Unveiling Next-Level Features for Smarter Interactions


Web Access

Boost Online Presence with our Powerful Web App.

Tailored Pricing

Unlock Tailored Solutions for Your Enterprise! Book a Demo to Explore Jaweb’s Custom Pricing Plans.

Coming Soon

Mobile Access

Stay Connected On-The-Go with our Dynamic Mobile App.

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